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Stop managing appliances and take your security to the next level with our 100% cloud-delivered web security gateway and email security gateway SaaS.

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Cyren wins 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Award

Cyren at Infosecurity Europe 2017

Visit Cyren at Booth B250 for your personal demo of our latest platform, Cyren Cloud Security (CCS) 4.0.

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Cyren wins 2017 Cybersecurity Excellence Award

Cyren Seminar: Why Internet Security as a Service?

Join Cyren on June 1st at the Sheraton Offenbach Hotel near Frankfurt, Germany to find out how our cloud-based platform Cyren Cloud Security 4.0 (CCS 4.0), unifying email, web, DNS security and sandboxing services, can help protect your business, anywhere, on any device.

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The world’s largest security cloud

Cyren’s Internet security services are powered by our GlobalView™ security cloud, the industry’s largest security network, allowing us to detect threats faster and more effectively than anyone else in the industry. Every day, the GlobalView cloud processes over 17 billion web and email transactions generated by over 600 million users. Cyren delivers this threat intelligence from the cloud in real time, wherever and whenever it’s needed – blocking over 130 million threats and detecting thousands of new, never-before-seen malicious files, URLs, IP addresses, and phishing sites.

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Is your web security really working?

Try our free online web security test to identify gaps in your web security. In less than 30 seconds, you will know if you may be vulnerable to cyber threats – from malware to phishing attacks to botnets. You can also have a diagnostic report of the results emailed to you.

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SaaS simple – no hardware, no software

Cyren protects your business with SaaS simplicity – quick to start, easy to manage, and comprehensive in coverage. Think of us as for security, delivering the most advanced threat protection at cloud scale with no hardware or software to buy, deploy, or maintain. Just point your web or email traffic to our security cloud and let us protect your users while you focus on those projects your CEO is always asking about.

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Internet security trusted by technology leaders

Businesses of all sizes rely on Cyren for their Internet security, including large companies like McDonald's, SAP, Benetton, and Volkswagen, who protect their employees and customers with our SaaS web and email security services. And we are the trusted source of real-time threat detection used by many security and technology leaders, including Google, Microsoft, and Check Point.

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